Break Free from
the Symptoms of
Childhood PTSD

Heal trauma-driven reactions that block you from the happy, love-filled and confident life you are meant to have.

Break Free from the Symptoms of Childhood PTSD

Heal trauma-driven reactions that block you from the happy, love-filled and confident life you are meant to have.

Most people struggling with symptoms of early trauma don’t even realize it.

Maybe you thought it was “just you,” but the effects of childhood
abuse and neglect follow a common pattern. Have you found that:

It’s not your fault.

These are common signs that abuse and
neglect in childhood are affecting you now.

I teach simple techniques that anyone can use to calm the symptoms of early trauma.


Feel Consistently Better

Discover productive ways to release your emotions without letting them control you. Feel less stressed, more focused, and more like your real self.


Enjoy Fulfilling Relationships

Naturally let go of unhealthy relationships, and cultivate real connections with people who are respectful, loving, and drama-free.


Create the Life You Want

Where there used to be confusion, discover clarity and a sense of purpose so you can become who you were always meant to be.

We now know that the effects of childhood trauma are not just psychological — they’re neurological.

Your nervous system regulates every part of your being;
Childhood PTSD can disrupt and dysregulate its functioning.


Dysregulation: The Core Problem That Drives Other CPTSD Symptoms

I know about childhood
trauma because I lived it.

I grew up in a rough family that was deeply affected by addiction, and all the problems that tend to go with that - poverty, violence, neglect and shame.

There were good things about my family too, and I was a resilient kid, but by the time I was in my 20s, the trauma of childhood was getting the better of me.

Back then, I struggled with anxiety, depression and chronic pain that seemed to have no cause. I yearned to be loved but kept finding myself in destructive relationships. My intense anger was pushing away friends and work opportunities, and causing me to be increasingly lonely.

I gobbled up self-help books and groups and went to 11 different therapists, but nothing seemed to help. No one seemed to understand what was wrong with me. There was no name for it.

But now we know: It’s called Complex PTSD (or CPTSD) – that’s the kind of that comes from chronic exposure to intense stress, most commonly during childhood (that’s why I call it Childhood PTSD).

Everything changed for me in 1994 when I stumbled upon two techniques that unexpectedly made me feel better – dramatically better.

Only in the past few years has research around early trauma caught up to explain why – why these techniques worked, why therapy didn’t, and why my healing journey was so unnecessarily long.

With that little bit of healing, I was able to at last begin changing the self-destructive patterns I’d learned (and that are common for trauma survivors) and to change the course of my life.

It wasn’t long before I was teaching others – at first informally and one-on-one – the methods I used to heal. By 2017 I had so many people seeking instructions that I made my first online video, and then an online course, and this is how Crappy Childhood Fairy was born. Today, almost half a million people follow my work and participate in my trainings. My mission is to change the paradigm of what’s possible for people like us, and to help all I can to heal and lead lives of joy and purpose.

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“My life feels forever changed,
and I’m finally tasting freedom.”

Discovering CCF has truly changed my life. I have learned & grown & healed so much in the past year that I’ve been a member here. I’m not the same man I was before as I slowly become the real version of myself that was covered up my whole life.

Robert Stanziano

I am a trauma therapist myself. Your videos are amazing and the best help for people with CPTSD. I haven’t found any material like yours. You are precise (and also correct!), efficient and yet loving in your explanations. Thank you so much!

Claudia Orellana

You are a shining star in the darkness of the wilderness. Grateful to learn so much that clicks for me and helps me feel more competent and effective so so grateful!

Stephanie Vigil

Anna, you have been so incredibly helpful to me in my life, almost to the point of being life-saving. Just when I thought you couldn’t top previous videos, you did with this one. you are on the right track and helping many people. Your sincerity, experience with these issues, and love for others is what makes your work so potent.


Your work is SO important. I wish your work was accessible when I was in my 20s or 30s because I had no idea what was “wrong” with me despite being faithful to therapy, etc. You explain CPTSD simply and yet your depth of knowledge about it seems infinite. Thank you for your work. You are truly a unique voice and you have helped so many of us.

Kiska Kuznetsova

Anna, you are so amazing! You have no idea the bright light you are for so many of us. You have given us reason, tools, understanding, grace. I love how you give tough love in a very graceful way. I love how you give us reasoning to think about and ACTUAL tools to utilize. Not just motivational random jargon that simply does absolutely nothing for people like us. We need the HOW. Then you came along. Thank you for being brave enough to share your knowledge with us.❤️

Sandra Lujan

One of the most profound and inspiring (and I’m sure life-changing and life-saving) advice I have ever heard. So literal. No playing games, no-nonsense. I’ve heard too much confusing advice – in one ear out the other. I have read tons over the years to do with mental health and self-help and watched numerous YouTube videos to do with psychology. This is just excellent, priceless info. Thank you.

Sybil Izzard

As a professional working in the human services field and diagnosed with C-PTSD, Anna is one hundred percent correct, and for me, has found the answers that help make sense of the madness, which is quite familiar for any person living with untreated/unhealed trauma. Her approach has been working for me. Her teachings and common sense approach are a Godsend.

R. Mc. D.

Thank you so much, Anna! The information you’re providing is very much what I’ve been searching for over a number of years. I’ve always felt I lacked the understanding of social relationships, what is “normal” and appropriate when interacting, how much is “too much”, etc. You are laying out precious gems!

Nancy Austin

Here’s my method for healing
the effects of CPTSD.


Understand CPTSD
and dysregulation

Identify your trauma and its long-term impact on your emotions, your relationships, your career and your body.


Learn re-regulation

Reclaim a sense of mastery over your thinking and emotions, using simple methods you can use daily. Build the skills you need to heal your symptoms.


Get support from
real humans

Join an online community with other women and men who are healing their own CPTSD, supporting one another to integrate this new and powerful approach to healing.


Live the life
you deserve

With a calmer, clearer mind, you’ll be able to let go of self-defeating behaviors, and move toward creating the life you want.

Learn and Try My Approach to Healing

Start slowly with a single course, or dive right into membership
and coaching for extra support & faster results!

Free Daily Practice Course

Learn the daily writing and meditation techniques that help heal dyregulation and other symptoms of Childhood PTSD. Once enrolled, you’ll receive an invitation to free Zoom calls where we use the techniques together. This is a great place to start if you want some immediate relief.

Paid Online Courses

Taking a course is a good way to learn the basics of my methods and start feeling better quickly. Each course includes videos and worksheets to complete at home, at your own pace. All students are invited to my twice-monthly free Zoom calls. Courses start at $139


This is my most popular program, and offers access to all my courses plus a healing community to support you in learning techniques, applying principles and sharing your success with others. You’ll get access to twice-monthly Group Coaching calls for members, plus an invitation to the secret Facebook group for members. Just $59/mo or $499/year.

Coaching Programs

Ready to take a BIG step forward? We invite you to individual and group coaching programs, designed to help you heal the symptoms that are holding you back. You’ll have personal support from a coach, and daily contact with members of your small group. Or, choose a coach and book a one-on-one session. Costs range from $85 USD to $1600 USD.


Join my LIVE monthly webinars covering CPTSD-related topics, including relationships, careers, and dysregulation, along with practical tools and strategies to help you navigate the challenges of daily life. Webinar tickets are $35-70 but FREE for Members. All registrants get indefinite access to the recording.

Your old patterns are not
likely to heal by themselves.

Don’t waste another day isolated, stressed and trapped by your symptoms. Healing is possible! Give yourself the tools and support you need to heal from the past and start feeling better today.

Do you have
Childhood PTSD?