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Do You Have Childhood PTSD?

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What Course Participants Say

I came across your page about a month ago and couldn’t be happier to have found you. After all the years, sub-par (albeit dear) therapists, reading and research, doctors, hours upon hours and days and weeks of trying my very best (something I’m sure many of us can relate to), exhaustion, setbacks and occasional milestones – I’m glad to have found someone I can relate to and feel understood by so strongly. Love your authenticity, clarity and depth.

Jennifer C.

Childhood PTSD was still casting a shadow on many areas of my life… Enrolling in the Healing Childhood PTSD course has been so eye opening and supportive. I love how the videos and the workbook have given me practical, easy steps I can take to heal, connect to myself and with others, and get on with living my dreams! Thank you Anna! Your course has really helped me calm down, get grounded, and ready to walk through my life with courage, compassion and dignity!

Mary G.

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