Book Anna and Hear Her Story of Childhood Trauma and Hope for Recovery

Topics Include

  • Dysregulation: The Hidden Injury From Childhood Trauma (and How to Re-Regulate)
  • High ACEs/CPTSD in the Workplace: How To Help People Like Me to Thrive
  • What I Wish My Provider Understood About My History of Trauma
  • What I Wish My Teachers Had Understood About My History of Trauma
  • Why We Are Attracted to Unavailable People
  • Owning Our Recovery: A Paradigm Shift Toward Self-Efficacy and Self-Mastery
  • The Never-Ending Wreckage of Growing Up Poor
  • Resilience: How It Happens, What You Can Do to Boost It In Kids
  • ACEs Science 101, and What It Means for Survivors


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