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Healing Childhood PTSD Online Course

Download the Workbook that Accompanies the Course Here

Start Here
Part 1 – About Childhood PTSD
Part 2 – The Underlying Problem: Dysregualtion
Part 3 – Re-Regulation: The Key to Recovery
Part 4 – Changing Self-Defeating Behaviors

Welcome to the course! There are 32 videos, grouped into four parts, totaling more than three hours of viewing time. You can click on any of the parts to access the videos inside. You are free to watch the videos in any order, but it’s recommended you view them in order.

Make sure you download the Workbook! so you can keep information handy as you watch the videos — things like surveys, checklists, journal templates and deeper instructions for exercises.

Keep the link you used to access this course! It is the only way to access this course (you won’t be able to access the course through the Crappy Childhood Fairy website). You may want to bookmark the page so you can find it again easily.

If you need technical help please send an e-mail to crappychildhoodfairy@gmail.com, with the word “Support” in the heading. Enjoy!

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