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Healing Childhood PTSD

This Course is For You If:  

  • You grew up with neglect, violence, abuse, poverty or parental alcoholism/addiction. You're high-functioning, but your emotions and behaviors sometimes undermine you at work and in relationships. 
  • The usual approaches to healing (like therapy) haven't seemed productive -- or you value therapy, and you want a self-directed approach you can manage each day.
  • You're tired of being held back by your PTSD symptoms and you're ready to take a BIG step toward finally feeling fulfilled.  

Take the course that's helped thousands worldwide recover from the effects of early trauma.  


  • Self--paced program with practical techniques that work
  • 32 videos - over 3 hours of content in manageable chunks
  • Worksheets to identify your exact roadblocks and plan your breakthrough
  • Invitation to regular Zoom calls
  • 100% No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee for 72 hours after purchase  
  • Only $269 USD (Outside the US? Other currencies supported on checkout page. Click "Register" to see your currency.)

Wondering if it's worth it? Watch this to decide for yourself.


"I’m 3/4 of the way through the Healing Childhood PTSD and I’m blown away with how good this is. I’ve tried so many other things before, and I kind of got to the point of thinking, “well it’s just me I’m broken”. Now I understand why I feel like this, and I have practical steps to get my life back on track. Anna Runkle I think you are an amazing person for sharing what you discovered on your own journey." 

"I just have this very great need to thank you.. you have given me the most effective tools that I have ever encountered (and I've been searching a very long time), providing me control over my dysregulation and self regulation. It feels like you've provided me a key to a cage door that I can now open, allowing me to fly free, whenever and wherever I want to go." 

How the Course is Structured

  • We start with the basics about Childhood PTSD, ACEs, and how they can impact your emotions, your relationships, and your chances of finding happiness.  
  • Then we go deeper into the role of brain dysregulation in driving PTSD symptoms -- with a comprehensive Daily Practice of techniques that help you re-regulate.  
  • You'll gain real strategies to identify and transform self-defeating behaviors that are still holding you back

"My people-savvy has skyrocketed"  

"Real tools to manage the symptoms of PTSD"  

"One of the best things that I have ever done. I regret not deciding to do this earlier."  

"Anna... allowed me to understand that my experiences in my past have caused real changes in my neurology at a young age and that there is a reason for the way I feel when I am triggered. "  

"This course has brought light, hope, and a set of tools to repair and be stronger going forward." 


How Healing Happens

Learn How PTSD Happens

New research has turned our understanding of trauma upside down. It's not in your mind -- it's in your brain. We now know adverse experiences in childhood have a huge impact on our whole lives.

Identify Signs of Dysregulation

When you feel numb, confused, clumsy and spaced out, it could be the PTSD talking. Dysregulation triggers everything from immune dysfunction to emotional overwhelm, and holds you back in life.

Practice Simple Techniques to Re-Regulate Yourself

Once you learn these tools for re-regulation, it's easier to think clearly, sense danger and make smart choices. New options for healing (that didn't used to work) are now possible!

Change Self-Defeating Behaviors

With a calmer, clearer mind, it's easier to face the personal problems that have been re-traumatizing you, and to find joy in steadily making changes to live the happy, healthy, stable life you deserve.  

What Other People Are Saying About "Healing Childhood PTSD"

"I immediately felt understood..."

"A phenomenal shift for me"

"My people-savvy has skyrocketed"

"Real tools to manage the symptoms of PTSD"

"Within two weeks of consistent practice I was sleeping better, feeling more positive and being substantially more present in my life.'

"I was so surprised to find out that it works!" 

"I'm glad to have found someone I can relate to and feel understood by so strongly"

"I'm having easier relationships with my difficult family members"

"[The] course doesn’t stop at explaining what happened to our brain-wiring, and it isn’t just advice— there are exercises that BUILD the kind of brain-wiring that the other kids from more settled, calm families got. WE CAN GET IT TOO!! "

Meet the Instructor

I'm Anna Runkle, also known as The Crappy Childhood Fairy. I'm a writer, video maker, coach and course creator who recovered from my own Childhood PTSD, and I teach others to heal the brain dysregulation that so often flows from early trauma. I help you change self-defeating behaviors common to people who experienced abuse, neglect, poverty and exposure to addiction and violence while young. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area.  

Learn more: Website YouTube channel

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