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Dating & Relationships for People With Childhood PTSD

Take the course that's all about learning successful strategies for dating and relationships, just for people who experienced abuse and neglect in childhood.

  • Learn the basics about Childhood PTSD, ACEs, and the brain dysregulation that can impact emotions, perceptions and your chances of finding love.
  • Clarify what you really want in life and in a relationship, and the characteristics of your ideal partner.
  • Identify self-defeating behaviors that have hurt your relationships (and choice of partners) in the past.
  • Clear away obstacles to healthy relationships, including habits, attitudes and existing relationships that hold you back.
  • Revolutionize your dating strategy with Anna's "Structured Dating" program, which helps you get to know potential mates before forging an emotional bond: No more rushing in, or forging bonds with the wrong people.  

  • Self-paced program teaches you practical techniques that work. Video are available long-term, so you can take your time and revisit videos you find helpful, any time
  • 27 new videos -- more than 3 hours of content 
  • 32-page workbook to help you end self-sabotage and chart a path toward a healthy, loving relationship
  • Access to webinars, downloads and opportunities to connect with the course community
  • Money-back guarantee: Full refund within 72 hours of purchase if you're not completely satisfied.
  • Just $199 USD. (Not in the US? Initiate the purchase process to see real-time conversion of price to your currency.)


Wondering if your romantic life can heal? Watch this to decide for yourself.


Who Belongs In This Course?

  • Did you grow up with abuse, neglect, or exposure to parental violence, addiction or alcoholism?
  • Do you have a history of attraction to unavailable or inappropriate people?
  • Do you get triggered by intimacy, and worry old behaviors will sabotage good relationships?
  • Are you TOO good at fitting yourself to unacceptable people and situations?
  • Do you find it difficult to identfiy how you may be repeating negative patterns?
  • Do you stay in unhealthy relationships even when you know you should leave? 
  • Do you long for a committed relatonship or marriage that's free of drama and full of love and security?

What People Are Saying:

"Listening to Anna perfectly describe my journey while assuring me that there is a way to recover my life gives me with hope."  

"You literally help to save my life, and now you are an important inspiration."  

"I have tools in my toolbox now and will completely adopt “structured dating” to navigate my emotional landmines and achieve my goal of being able to have a healthy relationship. Thanks for your help and amazing course."

"One difference I have already observed, is being less anxious in the presence of men and more authentic. I’ve started giving different endings to past stories in my mind. I can now understand what other choices I had in relation to my behavior and how differently things would have evolved if I had followed them."  

Anna Runkle is a coach and writer who recovered from her own Childhood PTSD and teaches others to heal the brain dysregulation that so often flows from early trauma, and change self defeating behaviors common to people with Childhood PTSD. The course is appropriate for women and men of any age who seek a healthy, committed relationship. The examples in the course mostly reflect Anna's experience as a married straight woman, but as with all the information she teaches, you are encouraged to apply the lessons to your own situation as you see fit! 

"I have been struggling with “intimacy issues” for my whole life. Last week, I met someone I was extremely attracted to emotionally, physically, intellectually. Despite my progress and awareness, it was like an dysregulation bomb going off for me. I decided to take the plunge and do your course on relationships. At first I was thinking the cost was a lot, but I was so dysregulated over even having any attraction at all to someone, I knew I had to try something new. I just wanted to thank you and let you know I went through the whole course and it was worth every single penny. I will study it again as I ease into my potential dating life."  

"Amazing...this woman is AMAZING!"

"I loved Anna's insight and teaching, very informative for my CPTSD brain. I have done a lot of things wrong in my search for love and connection but I now I know why!"

So... Are you in?