Healing Childhood PTSD

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"I immediately felt understood..."

“Yes! The course put words to feelings I had always had trouble explaining, or even allowing myself to feel. Even with a ton of self-work under my belt, this course reached something I hadn't been able to access before and I immediately felt understood. The daily exercise literally, I mean literally, changed my life. Within two weeks of consistent practice I was sleeping better, feeling more positive and being substantially more present in my life. I've gotten enough energy back to start a course I've been putting off for two years. Its simple, easily laid out, easy to connect with and even if you only complete half the course you'll get something out of it.” 

"Real tools to manage the symptoms of PTSD"

"Learning I had childhood PTSD years ago was such a relief and explained so many things, but there didn't seem to be anything I could do about the symptoms. Just knowing why I had what I called "daymares" made them a lot less disturbing, but it didn't help me get better. Anna's videos are so warm and comforting and offer real tools to manage the symptoms of PTSD. I'm grateful for the work she has done."

"Gives me a sense of comfort"

"This course shows a method to cope with childhood PTSD that isn't complicated and doesn't require expert help. I felt better for incorporating the practices it recommends into my everyday life, and it gives me a sense of comfort that whenever I'm feeling dysregulated, there is something that I can proactively do to calm myself."

"You calm the sea for me.."

"Your work gives me a very much needed hope. Your approach to childhood PTSD offers me tools to have some control over what feels like completely uncontrollable imprisonment. In a state where I am utterly overwhelmed by the gravity of what I am dealing with, by having lost everything, by my inability to focus or concentrate on one thing, you calm the sea for me by delivering simple message that essentially how and why I got where I am is not important, because I can start getting better today!"

"We can get it too!!"

Anna’s course doesn’t stop at explaining what happened to our brain-wiring, and it isn’t just advice— there are exercises that BUILD the kind of brain-wiring that the other kids from more settled, calm families got. WE CAN GET IT TOO!! 

"I'm glad to have found someone I can relate to and feel understood by so strongly"

I came across your page about a month ago and couldn't be happier to have found you. After all the years, sub-par (albeit dear) therapists, reading and research, doctors, hours upon hours and days and weeks of trying my very best (something I'm sure many of us can relate to), exhaustion, setbacks and occasional milestones - I'm glad to have found someone I can relate to and feel understood by so strongly. Love your authenticity, clarity and depth.

"My people-savvy has skyrocketed"

My people-savvy has skyrocketed. I can tell who’s an actual a**hole and who is a kind friend giving me tough-love or a coworker giving feedback instead of reacting unthinkingly or withdrawing defensively. Thanks so much Anna, for your plain-speaking, your understanding and your sharing! I’ve got more out of your ‘layperson’ course and your personal insight and lived experience than I ever got from anyone ‘formally-trained’. 

"A phenomenal shift for me"

“It has been a phenomenal shift for me. Gratitude and positivity exercises never seemed to stick, this has become a core self-care method and allows me to be extremely honest for at least one part of my day.”

Yes! This is IT!

"I have been in therapy off and on for most of my adult life. Most of my experience has had to do with whatever issue was high priority at the time, never looking back to see why these things continue to be issues for me. As an Adult Child of an Alcoholic and from a very dysfunctional home, I understood that my "issues" stemmed from having to raise myself, but from this course and Anna's videos on YouTube, I discovered the missing piece of the puzzle is brain dysregulation! Yes! This is IT! The reason I don't function well at times, but seem "normal" at others. Learning about Childhood PTSD and dysregulation is allowing me to put the pieces together in a way that is more understandable and helpful! Thank you, Anna, for the clear and vulnerable way you are healing and "bringing forth your gifts into the world!" 

"I was so surprised to find out that it works!"

"I was somewhat skeptical about the daily fear-resentment journal, but decided to give it a try for a week. I was so surprised to find out that it works! It felt like my brain gave me a break for a while providing focus and clarity for the day because the action of writing things down released it from overthinking and dwelling on my hurts and fears."

"Practical, easy steps I can take to heal, connect to myself and with others"

I love how the videos and the workbook have given me practical, easy steps I can take to heal, connect to myself and with others, and thereby getting on with living my dreams! Thank you Anna! Your course has really helped me calm down, get grounded, centered and ready to walk through my life with courage, compassion and dignity!

"I'm having easier relationships with my difficult family members"

Anna’s tools settle and organise my mind, so I access my best thinking, planning, responses and resources. I’m calmer overall, having easier relationships with my difficult family members, better outcomes at work and with coworkers and enjoying my friends more. I’m less people-pleasing, but ironically more people are pleased with me.