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12-Week Coaching Program with Anna

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Healing Your Trauma Symptoms

For men and women who want to calm triggers, master emotional re-regulation, feel more connected with others and change self-defeating behaviors that hold them back.

Healing Your Dating Life

For women who want to change trauma-driven relationship patterns, clarify what they want and need, and chart a path toward loving, stable and fulfilling relationships that last.

Meet Anna's Coaching Team

The coaching team leads weekly small-group check-in meetings as part of the 12-Week Program. They can also be booked for one-on-one coaching sessions by clicking the button below.

Cara Alexander

Cara has served for over a decade as a counselor, coach in her professional life, as well as a 12-step mentor to dozens of women. A long-time participant in Crappy Childhood Fairy programs, Cara serves as the Members’ Community Manager and is now in her second year leading has group coaching programs and providing one-on-one coaching. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband and young-adult children.

Jenny Geddes

Based in the UK, Jenny has led coaching programs and provided one-on-one coaching at Crappy Childhood Fairy since 2020. Before becoming a coach, Jenny held management positions in the film, publishing and design. Like Anna, she has recovered from the symptoms of Childhood PTSD and understands how hard it can be to navigate life and the world before healing. She is committed to helping fellow survivors find freedom.

Here’s What People Say…

I really enjoyed the Coaching program as it opened my eyes to some blind spots that I had. It was very encouraging to be part of a group that gave me the feeling of being understood and appreciated by the other members. Coaching really helped me to make major progress in my healing journey.
– Mariposa
I completed Coaching and loved it. CPTSD is the part of my life I'm unable to talk about with friends, and years of therapy haven't got me far in my healing. Being part of a small group of like-minded souls who are struggling with the same issues, and being coached by Anna, was an honor. The intimate group allowed a lot of sharing, listening, laughing, and crying in a very safe space. I can move forward safely and happily, armed with conviction to do the work required in my healing.
– Diane
I signed up for Coaching as soon I came across it. In eight weeks, I made more progress than I had in the preceding 25 years. Coaching was a safe and intimate group. I gained practical understanding of different facets of CPTSD and the awareness and tools to overcome it. My life feels forever changed, and I'm finally tasting freedom.
– Jay

Coaching with Anna

Anna gets it! She gets it all — the weird coping mechanisms I developed because of CPTSD, the secret fears that weighed me down and kept me from living my life. She helped me realize above all that I was a normal person who was just hurt very badly. I am feeling and living a much better life and for that I am forever grateful.
— S.
Anna came into my life at the point when I felt like I’d run out of options. She walked me through the ways childhood PTSD affects you and her strategies for walking away from those affects. It’s not an exaggeration to say that was when everything changed. I’ve kept my daily diary, began practicing meditation again and now look for joy in my life. My relationship is stronger than ever, I’m hitting long held work goals and, best of all, I’m no longer plagued by traumatic memories or the resulting negative emotional triggers.
— Heather
Anna Runkle is a compassionate, kind, and encouraging coach. She encourages you to move from the past to a purposeful and peaceful present!
— David Michael Barnett


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