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I’ve noticed SO many people in my life, and in the Crappy Childhood Fairy member community, are feeling low-energy and a loss of focus. For some of us, it’s COVID or post-COVID symptoms (I’m just recovering from COVID myself). For others, it’s a lingering dullness associated with the extra isolation of the pandemic, or the stress of increased social division. If you’re a person who had childhood trauma, energy crashes and fuzzy thinking are symptoms that are frequent enough even in the best of times. 

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You may have been blaming yourself for a high number of “bad days” lately, or for having productivity crashes that interrupt periods of focus and hard work. But it could just be that past trauma is making your nervous system work extra hard to do ordinary things – to get up in the morning, and to handle life’s ups and downs, physical and emotional. 

Regulating our mental focus and our physical energy is a struggle sometimes for people with CPTSD. I teach methods that can help heal and restore them, particularly through learning to calm emotional and neurological dysregulation. 

If you’re new to my channel, you’ll find I talk a lot about dysregulation; it’s the big underlying symptom with CPTSD that you’ve probably experienced all your life. 

Everyone gets dysregulated sometimes. But if you had trauma, it’s likely you get dysregulated more easily, more often, and for longer than other people do. 

Dysregulation is a nervous system state that can make you feel spaced out, numb, unable to remember why you walked into a room, or what you were just in the middle of saying. This type of dysregulation almost always involves difficulty focusing.

Dysregulation can also cause you to have overly intense emotional reactions when something irritates, frightens or hurts you. As a result you might have tears, rage, anxiety and discouragement in response to just ordinary things going on around you, draining your energy and eroding more of your focus over time. See links at the end of this article if you’d like to learn more about dysregulation.

The Daily Practice for Healing Dysregulation, and Increasing Energy and Focus

The core of what I teach involves twin techniques I call “the Daily Practice”. If you haven’t tried it yet, I invite you to give it a try and see if it helps you. More than 100,000 of my subscribers have taken my free course which you can access here. You can learn and try it in less than an hour. It involves two techniques – one is a method for writing your troubling thoughts in a specific format that helps you become free of them. The other is the simplest possible form of meditation. 

Paul Brown, my meditation teacher. You can learn meditation from him too. Learn more at Quiet Path Meditation.

I’ve been using these techniques for almost 28 years, twice a day, morning and evening. It’s easy, it’s comfortable, it’s compatible with most other approaches to healing you may be using, and you can do it when you’re sick, traveling, or sitting in a park. I’ve been using it religiously, while I was sick and as I recover; I find it comforting, and helpful to pace myself while my normal levels of energy and mental focus return.

In my free course, I teach a very simple form of meditation for people who don’t already have a practice of their own. However, I had difficulty meditating consistently until I took a meditation course from an actual teacher back in 1994.

My teacher, Paul Brown, has been teaching meditation for almost 50 years, and is one of the kindest people I’ve ever met. He is based in San Francisco, but during the pandemic, he began teaching new students online — a wonderful opportunity for anyone ready to learn. If you’re interested in learning from him, you can visit his website, Quiet Path Meditation, and get the details. 


Here’s an interview I recorded with Paul Brown and shared on YouTube last year.


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