Some of you have noticed I was not posting much for about a month. 

First, thank you to those who reached out to me to make sure I was OK! That just shows me what a great support community you are, for all the subscribers and for me too!

So this is what’s been up: I’ve been working intensively on three new things at Crappy Childhood Fairy. First, I’ve moved all my courses from their original home on my website, over to a platform called Thinkific, which is a gorgeous and user friendly and has some extra features that make it easier to use and easier for me to build out all the courses and content I’ve got planned in the next 12 months! 

If you’re IN one of my courses, you already got the message to go log in on the new platform. The transition has gone beautifully and there are more than 700 people already signed up in courses over there (and it’s only been a few days!).

If you’re NOT in one of my courses yet, I’m just really excited to invite you to this new learning hub, ALL about healing childhood PTSD. You’ll find my original and most popular course, Healing Childhood PTSD; there’s my course on dating and relationships, and there’s the free course where you can learn the two techniques I use to heal dysregulation and other symptoms of Childhood PTSD (go here if you want more info on any of them). 

The second piece of news is that my website is about to get a BIG upgrade, and you’ll see that come out before the end of the month. The old website, which is still visible at this writing, has been a beloved project for me and my team since it launched last year (and THAT was a big upgrade from the tiny blog that started it all in 2016). Once again the site is getting bigger and fancier. It was time because there’s now so much going on with the Fairy – coaching, speaking, downloads and quizzes, the courses, the links to resources, the 70+videos, more than 100 articles… All will now be newly organized and accessible to anyone who visits the site, and you won’t have to hunt down a lot of stray links all over YouTube and my blog and Facebook or wherever I happened to post something. So I’ll let you know when that’s ready. 

Third piece of news is, I’m putting finishing touches on my newest course, which is the hotly anticipated Dysregulation Bootcamp, and it’s coming out August 5th ! It’s a 20 day course with one video a day and written instructions with each video to help you really focus down on this one piece of healing that powers all other parts of your life. I go into this in the Healing Childhood PTSD course — there’s a section on dysregulation but in this bootcamp we go much deeper and work on dysregulation specifically, and consistently, for 20 days together. It’s this kind of consistent focus that can really progress you along in your healing. So I’ll be helping you 1) identify dysregulation — the brain and emotional dysregulation that is the primary symptom of childhood ptsd and complex ptsd, 2) I’ll help you become AWARE of your triggers, what sets off the dysregulation, and I’ll teach you a whole slew of strategies and techniques that will help you increase your mastery over re-regulation. 

So if you want to be part of that, click here to get started!

In the meantime,  I’ve got a bunch of new posts coming, so if you’re not a subscriber yet, you should definitely SUBSCRIBE. I’m really glad to be back and I’m excited to show you all the new stuff and definitely, I hope to see you in the bootcamp!