Do you wish you had a few minutes with me to ask questions, get help with challenges, or get some common sense advice on navigating life with Childhood PTSD? Now you can get free coaching on a my call-in format show, “Ask the Fairy.” Watch the video here.

We’ll talk about things like brain/emotional dysregulation and re-regulation, relationships, family dynamics, career challenges, parenting and just about anything rated PG that you bring to the call.

If you’re interested in participating, please contact me at [email protected]

How it works:
It’s a Zoom call where you and I appear on the screen in side-by-side windows while we talk about your question. In some cases, voice-only calls are OK too (you’ll see me, of course). Calls will be edited by me, and you (if you like) before release, so that they are appropriately brief and comfortable in terms of information being shared. These edited recordings will be shared on YouTube and on my other outlets, so that our whole little community can benefit from the coaching.

As always, you can learn about my online courses and register, all in one place, right here. 

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See you on the show!