Did Childhood PTSD Teach You To FIT Yourself to CRAP?

One of the harmful effects of growing up with abuse and neglect, is that we get ALL too good at fitting ourselves to unacceptable people and situations. Long after normal people would have left the scene, our minds tell us it’s our fault, it’s a unique situation, we should stay and make it work. In this video I crack open what I call “CRAPFIT” — the tendency to fit ourselves to crap.

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2 thoughts on “Did Childhood PTSD Teach You To FIT Yourself to CRAP?”

  1. Anna, I just love the word you coined ‘crapfit’ fitting and staying in a shitty situation.

    Oh, how I tolerated people just because I thought it was a Christian thing to do – turn the other cheek, forgive not once but 70 x 7 times. De-programming myself and stopping the guilt feeling of being uncaring has taken me a long time. In fact, I still need to consciously move out of situations that are toxic. Putting self-care over other care is not easy for us survivors.

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