Are You RE-Traumatizing Yourself? 16 Self-Defeating Behaviors Common with Childhood PTSD

Part of the damage from abuse and neglect in childhood is what actually happened when we were kids. But a significant part of the problem today comes from what I call “Inside Traumas.” These are self-defeating behaviors that are common to people who are frequently in a state of dysregulation. They start as an innocent attempt to feel calm and stable, but they can grow into significant traumas that cause real problems for us and others.

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2 thoughts on “Are You RE-Traumatizing Yourself? 16 Self-Defeating Behaviors Common with Childhood PTSD”

  1. are you retraumatizing everyone by bait and switch? Putting up a banner that states we can click to read “16 self-defeating behaviours common with child hood ptsd” but then it indicates we have to sign up and subscribe. I don’t appreciate this-make it explicit.

  2. The “16 Self-Defeating Behaviors” are discussed in the video that Mary must have scrolled past without taking time to watch it. Her comment has perfectly illustrated a self-defeating behavior that is clearly holding her back from getting help.

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