How to Date Like You Had a NORMAL Childhood

Childhood PTSD can make it almost impossible to form (and keep) healthy romantic relationships. More than most people, we tend to rush in, get overly intense emotionally, and then stay in bad situations because we’re afraid to be alone.

People who had trauma in childhood CAN have good relationships, but sometimes we need a new approach.

In this video I give you a sneak peek into one of the most challenging (and controversial) lessons inside my new Dating and Relationships Course. Called “Structured Dating,” it’s a method that helps you be clear, conscious and courageous about who you date and how you date them. It helps you avoid bad relationships and save a space for a great relationship.

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2 thoughts on “How to Date Like You Had a NORMAL Childhood”

  1. Kimberlie Hawkins

    Do you offer this information in non video form? I’m more of a person who would rather just read it. I find myself curious about your approach and if it will be helpful to me, but I’ve no desire to watch/listen to the information in video form.

    1. Hi Kimberlie, while some stuff (especially recently) is concentrated in video, a lot of my material is in written form throughout the blog. I’d love to hear back from you about anything you find helpful.

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