CPTSD and The Attraction to Unavailable People: Video Excerpt From New Course (Part 1)

Last fall I surveyed followers of the Crappy Childhood Fairy to ask what topics I should be sure to cover in my new course on Dating and Relationships. By far, the number one answer was “dating unavailable and inappropriate people”.

The new course is open for registration (!!!) and I wanted to give you a sneak peek by sharing one of 27 videos included in it. This one is all about our attraction to unavailable people, and how to stop dating them.  Because the original is a bit lengthy, I’ll release this preview in two parts — one today and the other, later in the week (and don’t worry — the question at the end of this video will be answered in the second video excerpt).

The video will give you a feel for the the content (I think you’ll love it) and and if it speaks to you, please register for the full course! It’s called Dating and Relationships for People with Childhood PTSD, and you can get all the information about what’s IN the course, as well as register for it and get instant access to it here.

If you think you have Childhood PTSD, and you want to better understand what’s happening in your brain and start learn strategies to feel better (and function better) right away, you can access my first course, Healing Childhood PTSD here. The two courses go nicely together (though they can be taken individually). But if you take both, this Healing course would be the best place to start.

Finally, if you like learning through videos, be sure to subscribe to my YouTube Channel! 

See you in a few days with Part 2. Have a great week!

Anna (the Fairy)

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