Back in the summer, I posted this video on on my YouTube channel, as just one example of the 32 videos included in my online course Healing Childhood PTSD. I confess I used to think of YouTube as a place to host the videos embedded in my blog. But then this month a funny thing happened — the video got a life of it’s own among YouTubers who had never even heard of the blog —  and viewership shot up exponentially to several thousand a day. Subscriptions soared, and (I love this about YouTubers) the comments came pouring in. Soon traffic TO the blog went crazy, resulting in a big surge of blog follows, course registrations, signups for early access to my new course on dating/relationships for people with CPTSD, (which is out now!) and hundreds and hundreds of downloads of my CPTSD quiz and re-regulation technique instructions. So if you missed this post last year, and you want to see the video that got so turned SO many people in to Fairy fans, here you go!