Learn and Try My Daily Practice for Helping Heal Brain & Emotional Dysregulation from Childhood PTSD

Note: These webinars have come and gone, but if you’d like to take a free mini-course where I teach these techniques, click here.

Please register for a free, 45-minute webinar for followers of the Crappy Childhood Fairy. This is the writing and meditation technique I’ve used for 25 years to help heal brain and emotional dysregulation from Childhood PTSD.

Four dates and times shown below in Pacific Time (come to one or more!). Click on the desired date to register (after you register you’ll receive dial-in details):

  • Sunday January 13 4:00 pm Pacific time
  • Monday January 14 7:30 am Pacific time
  • Tuesday January 15 8:30 am Pacific time
  • Thursday January 17 6:00 pm Pacific time

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What to Expect

In this 45-minute webinar, I’ll teach you the techniques I use twice daily to heal brain/emotional dysregulation:

  • Writing to release fears and resentments (15 minutes)
  • Simple meditation (10 minutes)
  • Q&A (15 minutes)

We’ll take time to briefly write together, and meditate together, and you’ll have the opportunity throughout the session to ask questions via chat, which I will answer live on video, shared with all participants. All you’ll need is pen and paper, and a comfortable place to sit.

To protect your privacy I will not use your full name if I answer your question. However, you may opt to ask your question, or have a discussion with me, on audio (not video) that is shared with all participants. If you opt to be speak, you do have the option to change the username that shows in the webinar interface when you speak.

I’ll offer several of these webinars this week, and you’re encourage to register for as many as you like. I’ll use participant feedback from these calls to craft future webinars too!

If you like, you can review the techniques before the call; they are summarized here. 

Hope to have you on one or more calls! Please reply to this e-mail if you have questions.


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