When Your Childhood PTSD Is Healed, Who Will You Be?

Hi friends, I’m super busy putting finishing touches on my new course on dating and relationships for people with Childhood PTSD, but I really wanted to keep posting every week and stay connected with you. So I wanted to share this excerpt from a video that’s part of my first course (Healing Childhood PTSD), which explains how the course works. It’s pretty unusual, so it’s worth explaining!

The tragedy of Childhood PTSD is that its symptoms can suppress the best in us — our joy, our kindness, our intelligence, our strength. Childhood PTSD steals from us. Its symptoms can be demeaning. It can cost us everything, but the world loses too. Because when we’re held down by trauma, we can’t express the unique gifts we were born to contribute for the benefit of all.

Each time just one of us is liberated from the abuse and neglect that held us back in past, there is a ripple effect. And just think what happens when this happens when millions of us recover.

That’s why I made the course Healing Childhood PTSD (info at the bottom of this message). It’s an unusual set of of videos where I teach you real, practical information about how to start healing, whether or not you have access to professional help. It costs less than one visit to a therapist, and gives you tools you can use for the rest of your life.

Happy New Year from me to you!

With love,

Anna (the Fairy)

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