I Got to Be a Guest on Teri Wellbrock’s “The Healing Place” Podcast: Here’s the Video!

Teri Wellbrock is a prolific podcaster who gathers together the people who think, write and work to support people healing from adverse childhood experiences (ACEs). It was an honor to be a guest on her show. Below is the video (complete with a very goofy still shot of me). You’ll hear some aspects of my story that never made it into my own blog, as well as the story of how I ended up using badly drawn cartoons to make grim statistics and sad stories just a little bit funny. Be sure to check out all the interesting folks on Teri’s site!

Resources mentioned in this Podcast:

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I'm the author of the Crappy Childhood Fairy blog, which offers advice based on my own experience and reading. I live with my husband and kids, and run a small business in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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