Obesity and the Link With Childhood PTSD: An Interview with Mary Giuliani

Most people who struggle with weight and food have probably suspected that trauma in the past plays a role. In this new video, Mary Giuliani explains what we now know about childhood adversity, food and obesity. She shares how she lost 160 pounds (and has kept it off for 15 years), and teaches ways to calm emotions (and the brain) and face the triggers that drive overeating. Mary and I met through our work and quickly became mutual fans.

Mary is teaching an online course: Permanent Weight Loss Solution: Guiding Women to Reach and Maintain a Healthy Weight for Life. It begins July 17: You can learn more at mary.giuliani.net.

Mary’s work dovetails beautifully with my own online course, Healing Childhood PTSD, which you can access any time and complete at your own pace.

Mary’s wonderful. I hope you enjoy the video!


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