How Childhood PTSD Can Trigger Self-Defeating Behaviors

Here’s an excerpt from my new online course, Healing Childhood PTSD. Here I talk about three negative emotions that can hijack a person’s thoughts, driving negative impulses and then, self-defeating behaviors.

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2 thoughts on “How Childhood PTSD Can Trigger Self-Defeating Behaviors”

  1. Charlotte1994

    I am, as are all of my siblings, and father, suffering the effects of a seriously selfish, majorly abusive, depressed alchohlic, prescription addicted, hugely manipulative, so called mother. We are irish and all extroverted with introverted emotional damage…and are broken. I feel there is no help enough for us to ever heal. I myself am a recovering 20yr heroin addict at 48 yrs. A single mum who had to struggle with NO ONE, living in uk from age 18 having been raped, pregnant, misscarried and then diagnosed with cyn 3cancer of cervix, had it removed, all within 6 mths. Told i was a slut so i left. Eldest of 4. Whats left of us is virtually unhelpable. We’re too far gone. Im home on a quick obligationary trip and its as bad or worse than ever for my bro who has all the strain and its showind. He’s 35 and amazing but soooo lost. What do i do? I am attaining help slowly but surely in uk but even my beautiful daughter is suffering from all this. Its way too much.i never post anything this long, honest or as aggressive but your vid puts its all in perspective. But cant help myself or others. I have no wants needs or desires for myself and am dead inside. This is the fate of my family here on in.

    1. Hi Charlotte — my heart goes out to you. It sounds like a wretched past and I know how visits “home” can make it suddenly seem like we were crazy to think we had any recovery at all. But then we get out of there and strength returns. Whew.

      I hope you’ll have a wander around the blog; you sound like a fellow Childhood PTSD-er and there is new and better information about how to get that under control, so you can then take steps to build the happy, safe, hopeful life you deserve. Really. You can do it.

      I invite you to follow the blog — then you’ll get posts sent to you when they come out, and I can offer you a big discount on my course when it comes out.

      Oh, and if you haven’t seen this video yet, this is the writing technique that helped me get my PTSD under control: https://youtu.be/n2lu88X5LH0. Sending my love to you and your daughter!


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