How to Parent CALMLY (and Raise Happier Kids) When You Have Childhood PTSD

So many readers have written to me sharing their worries — and their success stories — around raising happy, healthy children despite having their own PTSD from childhood. The fear that we’ll hurt the kids can hold us back from setting limits, yet losing control of kids’ behavior can escalate discipline into a recipe for nervous system dysregulation and emotional overwhelm. In this video I talk about my worst parenting mistake, and how I found a solution that calmed me AND my kids in Dr. Thomas Phelan’s 1-2-3 Magic.

Do you have parenting techniques that work? Be sure to share them in the comments sections.

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One thought on “How to Parent CALMLY (and Raise Happier Kids) When You Have Childhood PTSD

  1. Used this all the time with my first & second child works perfectly & like you say once it’s been followed through getting to 2 is more than enough to get them out of the bad behaviour, my daughter is now 24 & my son 14 & my son knows I mean business! Luckily i haven’t really had to use it yet with my 3rd child who is 9 now but I will if I need to! Highly recommend this technique as it saves a lot of stress & loss of control for everyone

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