Childhood PTSD and Your Brain: A Simple Technique to Get Calm, Clear and Focused

You know that hamster wheel that spins in your mind, filling you with thoughts and worries and blocking you from being your wonderful self? And you know how emotions and upsets makes it really hard to focus sometimes?  If you had a crappy childhood, you may be feeling the effects of brain changes from neglect, stress and abuse.

So this week, I’m posting a new video where I teach you the simple technique that saved my life and let me think clearly again. It’s a technique I use twice a day for many years and so far, it’s THE most powerful treatment for childhood PTSD I’ve ever found. It’s free. It’s it’s easy. And anyone can use it, even people who already have it all together!

Would you like to learn other parts of my daily practice? I invite you to register for my online course, “Healing Childhood PTSD” . It’s a self-paced course with 32 videos about how PTSD happens, what it does to us, and how ordinary people can begin healing and connecting again, whether or not they have access to professional help.  You can learn more and register here. 

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About the Author:

I'm the author of the Crappy Childhood Fairy blog, which offers advice based on my own experience and reading. I live with my husband and kids, and run a small business in the San Francisco Bay Area.


  1. […] In the video, I reference my personal inventory technique to get rid of fear and resentment. I show you how to do it here. […]

  2. Loni January 4, 2018 at 1:05 pm - Reply

    I’m glad I listened to your description and experience. Seeing your example session, including the depth you got into with the hypothetical “fence” situation, made it easy to understand how this could be helpful. I recognize elements of this practice in my own life, though not in the context of a regular writing discipline. (I habitually practice acknowledgment and allowing of thoughts and fears as they arise, including handling feelings of blame or criticism or resentment in this way, and I find it often expands to recognizing what is underneath the initial thought or feeling. Particularly familiar to me was your example of using “I have resentment BECAUSE I HAVE FEAR THAT the neighbors broke the fence,” even when you know that they did the damage, and then discovering actual underlying fears related to how it might reflect on your/your family, or how you might be stuck paying for repairs, or how it might be costly, or the potential confrontation and conflict, etc.) So I recognize the power in what you’re describing, and it’s easy for me to believe that it could be helpful and transformative in the ways you indicated it has been for you.

    Thank you for sharing this.

    A note about the video: I think the portion between 8:26 and 8:53 repeats an earlier segment. (At first I thought I’d accidentally bumped it back, but I realized it was just repeat material that had been inserted there, likely by accident.)

    • Anna Runkle January 4, 2018 at 1:51 pm - Reply

      Loni, you rock! Thanks for your kind words, and for the wisdom you can share on this. And thanks so much for noticing the extra clip in the video! I was able to fix that in YouTube. All better now. I hope you’ll follow and keep participating in discussions on this blog!

  3. […] I write a blog all about living with PTSD from childhood, growing up poor, and what new findings from research around ACEs. In today’s video, I reference my personal inventory technique to get rid of fear and resentment. I show you how to do it here. […]

  4. […] I used to have a lot of struggles in this area. One thing that really helped me on my transition to being somebody who is a lot more comfortable perceiving reality was when I started writing down my fears and resentments regularly. […]

  5. Booth May 1, 2018 at 5:45 am - Reply

    It is a very difficult journey to recover sometimes your brain is like stuck and writing is good if you feel like too
    To be happy again is like to be born again so in my opinions is Write whenever you feel like it nothing has to be compulsory regarding healing from PTSD
    The neglect abuse and stress is so hard that if possible try to concentrate your mind to let go
    Let go of it l found Walking straight looking at the sky Reading Watching good film and swimming going to sauna and only seeing kind people will help
    l have developed an intuition through people or events coming in nightmares knowing that at the end it is way of exorcise them out of my body and soul so any negative has to be turn to positive how hard it might be
    You do really have to become your own parents it is not fair but it is worth the effort the trying
    Thank you very much for your post

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