“High-Stress Childhood” Linked With Troubling Lack of Brain Activity Around RISK Perception (Which Explains a LOT).

Well, it’s what we suspected all along…

A new study from the University of Wisconsin-Madison shows that stress from childhood is linked with a diminished awareness of looming risk or punishment, and higher than normal emotional reactions to the consequences. This confirms a lot of stuff we’ve been saying here at Crappy Childhood Fairy. And it points to solutions.

You can see an article about the study (that links to the study) here.

If you want to see the video where I teach the technique referenced for calming an emotional overreaction, you can see it here.

Later this week I’ll be talking about “The Underdog Effect” — the repeating cycle of habits, poor judgment and distorted thinking that can trap us in the effects of childhood PTSD. If you want to be sure to see that video when it’s released, be sure to follow this blog! You’ll get an e-mail whenever a new post is published.

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Childhood PTSD and Your Brain: A Simple Technique to Get Calm, Clear and Focused

You know that hamster wheel that spins in your mind, filling you with thoughts and worries and blocking you from being your wonderful self? And you know how emotions and upsets makes it really hard to focus sometimes?  If you had a crappy childhood, you may be feeling the effects of brain changes from neglect, stress and abuse.

So this week, I’m posting a new video where I teach you the simple technique that saved my life and let me think clearly again. It’s a technique I use twice a day for many years and so far, it’s THE most powerful treatment for childhood PTSD I’ve ever found. It’s free. It’s it’s easy. And anyone can use it, even people who already have it all together!