“Inside Traumas” — The Things Traumatized People Do That Cause MORE Trauma

“Inside Traumas” is the term I use for trauma-generated behaviors. They start as an innocent flight away from pain, but if they persist, they will create more trauma and more life problems.

  1. Black & white thinking, drawn to extreme views, groups, authority figures, often outraged at the news — loss of freedom to disagree or get away, dominating others, slandering others, cutting off contact with outsiders
  2. Neglect of body shabby clothes, poor hygiene, neglect of physical exercise — avoidance of medical and dental care, self harm
  3. Addictive use of food — carb binging — obesity, eating disorders
  4. Addictive use of media/entertainment, TV internet and games enough to interfere with sleep, meals, daily routine  — causes problem for family responsibilities, work, school, finances
  5. Dishonesty, exaggerating, hiding important personal truths or preferences —  lying, stealing, infidelity, tax evasion, iillegal activity,
  6. Work problems, unfulfilling work, under-earning, periods of unemployment —  chronic adversarial relationships with employers & coworkers, suing or getting sued, chronic unemployment
  7. Blame — Difficulty seeing own role, victim thinking,  bitterness, slandering others, belief that all problems the result of racism, sexism, foreigners, political party, certain foods,etc., conspiracy theories
  8. Numbing with substances, relieving stress with alcohol, drugs
  9. Irritability, sometimes no reason, arguments, conflicts, ranting, rage, mistreating others, violence
  10. Attraction to troubled partners/friends —- abused, controlled drawn into legal, social, financial trouble — when to get out
  11. Unfulfilling romantic life — no dating relationships, staying in bad relationship, or sexless or loveless marriage
  12. Abuse of Sexuality — overly sexualized appearance & conduct, promiscuity, unwanted pregnancy, use of pornography, masturbation for numbing —  prostitution, exploiting others
  13. Fantasy (romantic, financial) not present, not in touch with reality, failure to take reasonable action — obsession, stalking,
  14. Avoidance of people, responsibility, participation — shut-in, social anorectic, hermit
  15. Debting, no savings, living beyond means to pay for home, car, therapy — growth of debt, gambling, foreclosure, bankruptcy, homelessness
  16. Repeating traumatic patterns, seeming inability to detect trouble or step back when trouble appears — relapse into traumatized state, triggering deepening of depression, rage, collapse, reversion to old behaviors.


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