PTSD, Childhood Trauma, and The ACE Study

PTSD  — or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a real diagnosis usually used for cases where people had a traumatic event happen in adulthood (like taking part in a violent battle, or having a car accident). The symptoms include flashbacks, anxiety, depression, insomnia, social withdrawal and explosive emotions, among other things. 

Another, second of PTSD is Complex PTSD (or C-PTSD) which is caused by chronic exposure to emotional or physical trauma, such as living through a war, being in an abusive relationship, or growing up in traumatic conditions, which is what this blog is about. The diagnosis is not 100% clear, so for now let’s call this kind “Childhood PTSD.” There is a LOT of research going on right now in this area. The biggest and most impactful is probably The ACE Study, which has  kind of become the standard measurement of childhood crappiness. Continue reading “PTSD, Childhood Trauma, and The ACE Study”

How is Talking About Childhood Crap Any Different Than Self-Pity?

Everyone knows that bad things like being poor, abused, neglected, or raised by alcoholics and drug addicts can really screw up kids. And when those kids grow up (that’s you and me), we tend to have some, er.. “baggage.”

None of us wants to be that boring lady who dwells on her crappy past all the time. Continue reading “How is Talking About Childhood Crap Any Different Than Self-Pity?”